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GULF COAST POWER MANAGEMENT INC.permanent solutions for power interuptions




 Get your building "Storm-Ready"


With no lights, no a/c or heat and no appliances, homeowners and businesses in a storm or blackout are plunged into the Dark Ages. Power outages can cause mold growth, spoiled food, loss of heat/cooling systems, medical equiptment, computer systems, alarms and running water. So in storm zones, where vicious weather knocks out power on a regular basis, the comfort of a standby power system is worth the price. Permanent backup generators are increasingly common in coastal states from  Florida to New England where powerful storms and shared power grids can threaten local power throughout the year.

Deciding on a Permanent Generator

We will help pick the one that is right for you

Portable generators can replace part of an electrical load during an outage, but these devices are typically loud, hard to move, can be stolen easily, run on gasoline, they can burn you catch on fire and in some cases kill you with carbon monoxide poisoning they also limit the number of items that can run at any one time. A permanent backup power system can run off of propane or natural gas supply and can be directly wired into the building circuit panel. These systems provide a seamless switch from utility service to backup power. 

We market fully integrated systems that feature switching devices and distribution panels in addition to the generator itself. Standby Generator systems have a transfer switch “brain” that monitors the home’s utility power for interruption. If one is detected, the switch automatically fires up the generator and transfers the electrical loads, bringing power back to the building. The same process, in reverse, brings normal utility power back on line when service resumes. generators can have power brought to building within 7-10 seconds of an outage. This is huge reassurance for owners who might not be around at the time of an outage, but still want their property protected.

Permanent generators are set up to power the Whole building this naturally requires a more powerful generator, and a transfer switch that carries the same rating as the main distribution panel. Transfer switches, which are essentially special electrical panels.we use fully automatic transfer systems once installed you can forget about them.

Permanent generators are preferred in areas with noise restrictions because they are housed in sound deadening material to minimize sound output.


We completely install and service all of our products 


gulf coast power does everything from site prep, permits,  fuel supply, delivery and instalation of your generator.

A permanent generator is installed outside the building, usually on a concrete pad and near the utility meter. 


Service Repair and maintenence 


we offer repair and service of all permanent generator systems no matter the size or brand


yearly maintenence is provided to all our clients


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